Remote controller for BR400 motherboard

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How it works?

1.Plug Movilift's Bluetooth extender to BR400
2. Bond Android device to BR400
3. Start using BR NEXT app

why br next?

BR NEXT allows the user to monitor the state of the elevator, make calls, and change its parameters, without having to enter the machine room.

how to use

Once connection has been established, use the app keypad to navigate Movilift's motherboard screen

get it now !

i already own a br400

To use BR NEXT on your BR400, you'll just need Movilift's Bluetooth extender for our Motherboards, plug it in the BR400, and connect with your Android Device.

Contact our sales team and install BR NEXT system on you lift.

i don't own a br400

Contact our sales team to learn more about BR400 for your lift and ask for the BR NEXT functionality.