Wall panels and accessories

Car in stainless steel with curved glass panoramic rear wall and curvilinear round handrail

Lights and floor

Cold LED spotlights on scotch-brite stainless steel ceiling, comes with a linoleum floor


Wall panels and accessories

Walls and doors in skinplate, with scotch-brite stainless steel finishing, whole crystal wall with round handrail, half-mirrored sidewall

Lights and floor

Lowered neon lighting on opaline suspended ceiling comes with Linoleum floor


Wall panels and accessories

Whole crystal wall on two sides with a crossbar, mirrored wall with central control panel, finishes in stainless steel

Lights and floor

Lowered neon lighting on the suspended ceiling with multi-round patterns comes with a hardwood floor


Wall panels and accessories

Walls, doors, and finishing in stainless steel, crystal board with horizontal control panel, half mirrored wall with rectangular handrail

Lights and floor

Stainless steel ceiling with warm LED spotlight, RockSolid floor

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