Displays for elevators

Movilift display solutions with TFT and LCD technology

TFT Display


Entertainment monitor
  • Display floor and alarms
  • Works with any size monitor
  • Display images and video
  • Use different widgets (e.g. weather app)
  • Small dimensions


TFT for car cabin
  • 7'' Last generation TFT
  • Voice synthesizer
  • Background music
  • Custom Logo and images


TFT for landing floor
  • 4'' Last generation TFT
  • Perfect for landing floor
  • Customize logo and images

LCD Display


The colours of the rainbow
  • Display floor and alarms
  • Multiple communication protocols
  • Tri-tone chime
  • Scratch proof screen


Serial and parallel LCD indicator
  • Display floor and alarms
  • Canbus connection
  • Tri-tone chime
  • Scratch proof scree
  • Designed for floor landing


Luminous plate with capacity plate
  • Capacity plate
  • Use your logo and messages
  • Works as an emergency light

Keypad access

Biometric access

RFID Access

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