Operating panel for elevators

Car cabin column

The latest design for new elevators, give a stylish look to your car cabin using a full height operating panel.
Movilift car cabin column is always included for new installations.

Car Operating panel

Movilift offers four main solutions to style your car cabin.

Choose your COP Display

Equipped with the operating panel, you can choose the TFT 7″ Marlin display or the Rainbow LCD display combined with the label 57 emergency light capacity plate.
Marlin EVO TFT has integrated a voice synthesizer with the various messages, music and announcements.

Marlin EVO TFT

Landing operation panels

Each operating panel solution comes with its own LOP solution.

Choose your LOP Display

Equipped with LOP you can choose between a 4,3” TFT display IPPOCAMPO, to show your own images or  the LCD display Q51 available both for serial and parallel communication.


Keypad access

Biometric access

RFID Access

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