Entertain your customers with Aquarius

Aquarius is the new TFT Display, designed for luxury buildings

Floor number and arrows

Customize the numbers , arrows and background for each floor

Play and stream videos

Upload the media you'd like to play to show it or show a live stream by using the url

Show useful information

Display the weather, movie showing, departure times, events near you, restaurant menus and much more

Aquarius is designed for


Entertain your guest, show a different image for each floor, the restaurant menus, the weather, the nearest event.

Luxury COndos

Display useful information for your condo, live stream news channels and show announcements


Show useful information, such as maps, offers, departure times and advertising

Train stations

Show useful information, such as maps, offers, departure times and advertising

Easy Set Up

Hassle free connection to the controller

Aquarius is easily connect to the the cabinet controller, via serial or parallel communication

Control Aquarius from the comfort of your browser

Once connect to the controller Aquarius can be customised via browser using our web app, just connect your PC and Aquarius to the same Wi-Fi or with an Ethernet cable

Customize with the Web App

Aquarius web application is easy and intuitive way of controlling what to display.
Edit six scenarios with widgets for any needs:
Photo slideshow, video player, video streaming, weather API, and most importantly show your guests each floor.

New Installations and Modernisation

Flush mounted

Easy to install
Flush on the car wall
Reccomended for new projects

Surface mounted

Easy to install
Put on the car wall surface
Recommended for Modernisation projects

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