Serial Motherboard


One of Movilift’s best sellers, it allows the management and running of all types of lifts and solutions that the market has to offer. BR100 is the first of the BR motherboards family, born thanks to 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of controllers.

Dimensions: 124 x 279mm


BR100 is best suited for buildings that need high speed and have an high traffic volume, thanks to its programming keypad and USB software updates, BR100 guarantees to its users reliable and comfortable rides.
Keep downtime to the minimum, BR100 keypad menu allows the maintenance team to resolve any problem the elevator may have, in addition Movilift provides a 2 year Warranty and technical assistance.




Works all serial

Absolute encoder management

Up to 32 stops down / collective mode

Works multiplex up to 8 installations

95/16 CE

89/336 CE

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