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BR50L its the simpler and cheaper solutions for a motherboard, it allows parallel communication, but only up to 8 floors in simplex down, and six in floors in full collective.

Dimensions: 124mm x 235mm


BR50 is best suited for low rise buildings, working up to 8 stops with a travel speed of 1 m/s, BR50 provides a reliable and safe solution for any low rise project, using the programming keyboard, the maintenance team will be able to provide immediate assistance and keep the elevator downtime to a minimum

Movilift provides 2 years warranty and a technical assistance team to help you solve any difficulty.


  • Hydraulic, Electric, Platform and Gearless controllers

  • Suitable for hydraulic or electrical controllers

  • Up to 16 stops Down collective

  • Manoeuvre: universal, simplex, duplex, triplex, quadruplex

  • In accordance with 95/16/EC (lifts) and 89/336/EC (Electromagnetic compatibility)Serial and parallel call connections (mixed)

  • Software updates from USB

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