Elevator Smart Touch Panel

Aquarius Touch

Make your elevator dynamic, with aquarius customize the operator panel with images and widgets Perfect for hotels and shops, promote your services and products

Dimensions: 15.6'' | 17.3'' | 21.5''

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Aquarius Touch

Perfect for your business

Aquarius improves the elevator experience for your customers, edit the display with the logo and images of your business, guide customers to the floor thanks to display labels, add widgets to promote your products and services

Make your display unique

  • Customize button layouts

  • Customize button style

  • Add your logo

  • Use a different background for each floor

  • Add labels for each floor

Make your Aquarius Dynamic with our Widgets

Slide show

Promote your products and services, dedicating a portion of the touch display with a promotional slideshow

Weather forecast

Check your city's weather directly from Aquarius


Insert your videos in Aquarius, promote your business


Display your website in Aquarius, using the Internet widget you can open a browser window.

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