Label 57

The luminous plate

Uses and strengths of Label 57

Our luminous plate is paired with the Rainbow TFT, it provides useful information from the lift 
Label 57 works also as emergency light.


  • Dimension: 130 x 100 mm
  • Power Supply: 12/24V DC
  • Max power: 100mW
  • Screen Type: Label

Label 57
Framed solution

Plastic chrome frame with silver chromed or gold finishing

Frame mounting example
Retro Label 57

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i edit the label?

The label is editable trough our software SprintLabel.
We can also edit the label with the data you need if you can’t download Sprint Label

is label57 recommended with tft?

No, TFT display by Movilft can display all the information needed in a single display.

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