Marlin EVO

All the colours and sounds of the sea

Voice Synthesizer

Background music

Uses and strengths of Marlin

The latest generation TFT Display, faster than ever.
Make your car cabin unique with Marlin, fully customizable use your own images, logos, colours and symbols thanks to our software Atlantis.
Designer for hotels and luxury buildings, also available a version with voice synthesis and music.
Marlin can be oriented vertically and horizontally 



Atlantis tool

Customize your TFT Display however you want

Our TFT displays are fully customizable thanks to Atlantis 

  • Select the wiring mode
  • Change Capacity plate data and position
  • Make you own layout horizontal or vertical
  • Change Floors font and colours
  • Change Arrows size and image
  • Add your Logo and custom emergency symbols
atlantis software

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the main difference between marlin and marlin evo?

The main difference is that Marlin Evo comes with audio synthesizer and background music. All the others features are available on both models

How do i change the content of display?

Using our software Atlantis, if you need help or can’t use the software, contact us we’ll be happy to customize the display for you.

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