Solutions for Hospital and Clinics

Hospital Lift

Special grade Elevator, meant for high traffic hospital


Up to 1600Kg

Door Width


Cabin Depth


Sanitary Stainless Steel AISI

Our choice for the cabin finishes is AISI Stainless steel, a corrosion resistant,that's easy to clean and keep sanitary

Clean Air in cabin

Our Hospital lifts, provide a continue flow of fresh clean air, using two air vents to provide a constant flow inside the car cabin.

We also provide an air purifier that kills any trace of bacteria using ionized air

Dim Lighting

To provide a more comfortable ride for the patients

Cabin Bumpers

The car cabin comes equipped with bumpers, allowing the users to rapidly move the hospital beds inside the cabin without worrying about possibile damage

Access control and priority key

Equip the elevator with a priority access key, the elevator will enter special mode to provide fast travel to your chosen destination

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