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Movilift escalators and passengers conveyors, complying Europe latest EN115 & China GB16899-2011 standards, are adopted new materials and advanced technology to carry on its own design and manufacture. They have smooth operating, little noise and high reliability with a strong structure.
They are durable and easy to maintain.

Its superior design concept features advanced manufacturing process, escalator and passenger conveyor with exquisite structure excellent step road , delicate lead way and an elegant shape.

Movilift escalator and passenger conveyors has full range of specifications, beautiful shape, flexible layout which are widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, airports, exhibition centres .

Goods Lift

Heavy duty elevator adapts itself to fit your needs, from its size to its equipment features and operation. Whether it’s in garages, industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping centers, schools, or buildings for the healthcare industry. 

Depending upon your needs and the site where it is to be used, the drive may be electromechanical or electro-hydraulic.

The traction elevator system is especially suitable for complexes with heavy traffic, where multiple elevators work in group control and increase efficiency of transport.

 Hydraulic elevator systems offer an extraordinarily economical solution for low maximum rise situations of up to 18 m, particularly for single applications and for elevators for cars.

Emergency Landing  – In case of power failture, the cabin continues to move on the nearest floor, then door will open and passenger can evacuate.

Operation by emergency Power Source – When a power failure occurs, building’s emergency power supply can be used to move the car to a specific floor.

Fire Emergency return – Upon activation of a key switch or the building’s fire alarm, all calls are cancelled, lift immediately returns to a specified floor and doors opened

Firefighter’s Emergency operation – In case of, when the fire operation switch is activated, car and landing calls are cancelled and cabin immediately returns to a predetermined floor. The lift will respond only to landing floor, so rescue operation is simplified

Display at every floor – LCD/TFT display installed at each floor

Overload Signal – A buzzer alerts the passengers when the car is overloaded. Door remains opened and car will not leave the floor until enough passengers leave the car

Vocal Announcer  – When cabin reach a floor, it will be announced by acoustic signal in English language

Safety Light Curtain – Multi-ray beam installed on car door to detect any obstacle during closing door operation; In this case door will be immediately reopened

LCD display in main floor – LCD/TFT display installed on LOP at each floor

Emergency car Lighting – Car lighting turns on immediately when power fails, providing a minimum level of lighting within car

COP display – LCD/TFT display installed in COP

Reference Table

Car lift dimension 2:1  | 6 Panels automatic doors with central opening

TypologyCapacityPassengersSpeed (m/s)Car dimension (CW x CD)Door Dimension (DW)Shaft Dimension (SW x SD)Pit (mm)Headroom (mm)
PL32041,00800 x 11002PT 7501400 x 145012003500
PL36041,00800 x 12002PT 7501400 x 155012003500
PL40051,00900 x 12002PT 8001450 x 155012003500

Zero Energy

Movilift better battery lift solution.

Anti blackout system

Low power commited

Photo voltaic System

High Energy Efficient

• Single phase  3 – 4KW

• Zero energy allows to recover used energy

• Reduce energy costs because it needs few KW

• It can be used with solar panel

• It has stand-by system to reduce energy consumption when lift aren’t working

• It works by Gearless Motor noiseless and comfortable

• Speed variations are possible to can optimize energy consumption

• It works when grid power is off

• All details about Energy Consumption are available on terminal

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