Ascensor con energía solar

Zero Energy

Descubre la solución verde de MoviLift, dan energía a tu ascensor con paneles fotovoltaicos

Solar Powered Elevator

If your building has the space needed to install two solar panels ( 2m x 3,40m ), Zero Energy system is the green solution to power your elevator, when functional the batteries will be charged by the solar panels, saving on the energy bill and helping reduce energy waste achieving a more sustainable solution.

ZeroEnergy is a system developed by Movilift to reduce energy costs for your residential elevator, working on the latest traction and Permanent Magnets motors, it uses two batteries to reduce the usage of the power grid, a standby system to reduce energy waste, and the possibility to have speed variation to optimize the total energy cost.

Go Gearless and help the environment

No energy is wasted

Synchronous motor with permanent magnets without gearing controlled by frequency gives a lower mechanical resistance and inertia, allowing energy saving.

Oil Free

Gearless motor doesn't need oil, reducing waste and possibility of damage to the enviroment

Green solution

Waste no energy, use your building solar panels to power the Single Phase motor of Zero Energy

Tech Data


Gearless or Geared


Up to 3Kw

Power Supply

220V AC Single Phase

Power Consumption



0.6 - 1 m/s






Up to 480Kg





Energy Saving but always on

Learn how we made ZeroEnergy work in different scenarios to guarantee the user with full-time operation.

Power on and batteries full

When the power grid is functional and batteries are working, the elevator will operate using battery mode

Power on and batteries depleted

Once batteries have been depleted, the elevator will operate using the 220V until batteries have been fully charged

Power off and batteries working

If the power grid is down, the elevator will operate using batteries for a specific amount of rides (based on the elevator specifications)

Power off and batteries depleted

If the power goes out and batteries are depleted, the UPS energy mode will power the elevator.

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