Pulsadores hechos en Italia


MoviLift's pushbutton series Roma, 32mm with Braille.

Dimensions: 32mm

Made In Italy

As the name suggest, Roma is a 100% Italian Product

Strong Build

Roma pushbuttons are built with durable materials, to withstand

White, Blue or Red

Choose between our color selection, to pair the aesthetics of your elevator

Technical Data

  • Body – Polycarbonate pushbutton + ABS according to EN81.70 + Braille

  • Ring Galvanized ABS (chromed silver or gold finish)

  • Mounting – Frontal mounting on 32.2mm cut-out and fastened with an ABS jam-nut

  • Pressel   Polycarbonate raised symbol with stainless steel finition

  • Lettering  Raised symbol and braille

  • Colour – Red / White / Blue

  • Contacts – Microswitch or Tactile

  • Wiring – Screw terminal or JST

  • Power supply – 4 x SuperLed 12/24 VDC, I =20mA

  • Stroke 1.2mm

  • Degree of protection – IP51

Sparta AntiVandal

Sparta is our latest addition to our Pushbuttons family,

Equipped with resistant materials to withstand continuos and rough use of the elevator panel

Mechanical Data

  • Body

  • Raised Symbol

  • Braille + stainless steel finition

  • Ring

  • Fastening jam-nut

Cut Out

Warning! Suggested cut-out is 32.18 mm. 

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