Gestion de elevadores en Multiplexer


Conecta hasta 4 ascensores en Cuadruplex con la BR-MUX, la solución para gestionar las llamadas de varios ascensores a través de la comunicación CanBus.

Dimensions: 120 mm x 180 mm


BR-MUX is designed to handle landing calls and manage with its algorithm the correct elevator based on current floor and destination.
Pair two BR-MUX to handle up to eight elevators.
Keep downtime to the minimum, BR-MUX keypad menu allows the maintenance team to resolve any problem the elevator may have, in addition Movilift provides a 2 year Warranty and technical assistance.


  • Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex connection board

  • Staggered floors management

  • CanBus serial landing communication

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