Tarjeta controladora paralela


BR200 es nuestra tarjeta controladora de conexión en paralelo hasta 12 pisos con maniobra colectiva bajada. Para instalaciones con más de 12 pisos se necesita una tarjeta expansora.

Dimensions: 150mm x 255mm


BR200 is best suited for modernization projects, as it’s application is based on the robust designs of older controllers motherboards, bring new life to old elevators thanks to BR200, its programming keyboard allows the maintance team to keep the downtime to a minimum and to solve any difficulity.
Movilift provides a 2 year warranty and an expert technical assistance team.


  • For Hydraulic, Electric, Platform, and Gearless controllers

  • Suitable for serial call connections and serial and parallel (mixed) signals

  • Up to 32 stops Down collective

  • Manoeuvre: universal, simplex, duplex, triplex, quadruplex

  • In accordance with 95/16/ EC (lifts) and 89/336/ EC (Electromagnetic compatability)

  • Ideal for wiring controllers

  • USB software updates

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