Tarjeta controladora de alta capacidad


La BR400 está diseñada como una tarjeta programable para edificios de alto tráfico, su tamaño permite ser colocada en el marco de la puerta Conecte BR400 a tu teléfono con BR NEXT

Dimensions: 124mm x 279mm


BR400 is best suited for buildings that need high speed and have a high traffic volume, thanks to its programming keypad and USB software updates, BR400 guarantees to its users reliable and comfortable rides. BR400 has the possibility to monitor and change the elevator parameters from Movilift’s app BR NEXT, ask for a Bluetooth module with BR400, and start working on the elevator from within the app.
Its slim design allows it to fit in the door frame controller setup.

Keep downtime to the minimum, BR400 keypad menu allows the maintenance team to resolve any problem the elevator may have, in addition, Movilift provides a 2-year Warranty and technical assistance.


  • Hydraulic, Electric, Platform, and Gearless controllers

  • The most advanced motherboard

  • The best solution for door frame controllers

  • Up to 40 stops

  • Manoeuvre: universal, simplex, duplex, triplex, quadruplex

  • In accordance with 95/16 / CE (lifts) and 89/336 / CE (electromagnetic compatibility) and EN81.20

  • Serial or parallel call connections with expansion boards

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