Precise Positioning


Limax is a shaft information system that utilizes magnetic tape technology to deliver high-precision elevator car positioning. A sensor on the car reads the magnetic tape in the shaft using Hall sensors, all without physical contact. This contactless approach ensures accurate car location at any given time.


Limax is ideal for a variety of elevator applications. Its suitability ranges from traction and hydraulic lifts to elevators with firefighting capabilities. With speed and height capacities to meet diverse needs, Limax offers a versatile solution.


  • High-precision: Magnetic tape technology ensures accurate elevator car positioning.

  • Contactless: Hall sensors read the magnetic tape without physical contact, minimizing wear and tear.

  • Easy installation: The system simplifies installation by eliminating the need for various mechanical components.

  • Safe operation: Absolute position encoding eliminates the need for referencing after installation, enhancing safety.

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