Frequently asked question


Do you deliver worldwide ?

Yes we deliver worldwide, Movilit has reached more than 70 different countries in the latests years

How do you handle delivery ?

Our delivery is handled by the best of logistics services such as DHL and FedEX, to provide the best solutionsfor our customers

what are the shipping times?

Movilift’s electronics, such as display boards and push buttons, are to be shipped in the 24/48 hrs from the order confirmation

How do you handle payment?

Payment must be made via bank transfer


Where do i download documentation and software?

All of our products documentation and our softwares are available here documentation 

Are your products certified?

Yes, our products are tested and certified according to the latest european normatives, learn more here.

are your products under warranty

Yes, all of our products are under warranty for the first 24 months.


Is technical support available?

Yes our team of techinicias are always ready to help you, using whatsapp and skype, find our team contacts here

In which languages can the support be received?

Our team provides technical support in: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French

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