Save money

No Three-phase needed

Green solution

Save with ZEROenergy

Energy efficient

Synchronous motor with permanent magnets without gearing controlled by frequency gives a lower mechanical resistance and inertia, allowing energy saving.


A Brushless motor does not need oil for lubrication


Permanent magnets motor has few electromagnetic noises and this is an important question in MRL lift because the motor is into the shaft.

Precise movement

Permanent magnets motor has low inertia and this allows precise control of speed and acceleration.

How it works

Solar powered elevator

If your building has the space needed to install two solar panels ( 2m x 3,40m ), Zero Energy system is the green solution to power your elevator, when functional the batteries will be charged by the solar panels, saving on the energy bill and helping reduce energy waste achieving a more sustainable solution.

ZeroEnergy is a system developed by Movilift to reduce energy cost for your residential elevator, working on the latest traction and Permanent Magnets motors, it uses two batteries to reduce the usage of the power grid, a standby system to reduce energy waste, and the possibility to have speed variation to optimize the total energy cost.

Technical Data

Drive Gearless or Geared

Power Up to 3 Kw *

Power supply 220 Vac – single phase

Consumption (power consumption)  300W **

Rated capacity 325 / 400 / 480 Kg

Height Up to 18 meters

Speed 0.6 ~ 1 m/s ***

Stops max 6

Access 12

Intermittence 30%

Energy saving but always on

Learn how we made zeroenergy work in different scenarios to guarantee the user with full-time operation.

Power on and batteries full

When power grid is functional and batteries are working, the elevator will operate using battery mode

Power on and batteries depleted

Once batteries have been depleted, the elevator will operate using the 220V until batteries have been fully charged

Power off and batteries working

If the power grid is down, the elevator will operate using batteries for a specific amount of rides (based on the elevator specifications)

Power off and batteries depleted

If the power goes out and batteries are depleted, the UPS energy mode will power the elevator.


Style your Elevator with Movilifts car cabin displays, our 7” TFT solution MARLIN EVO, is customizable with our free software Atlantis, customize background for each floor, add your company logo and more. 

For a LCD solution we suggest using LCD Rainbow, 7” scratch proof screen easily connectable to your operating panel.

Movilft also provides LCD and TFT solution for floor landing displays, contact our sales to learn more. 


TFT Marlin EVO

LCD Rainbow

Operating panel

Choose between a wide range of operating panel for your elevator, equip them with either LCD or TFT display to give your building the modern look it deserves.

Makalu COP

Makalu LOP

Ready to go green?